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Being within nature activates parts of the brain


associated with empathy and love.


Our location provides the perfect place for


a young man to release from anger and depression.

(888) 41-SCHOOL
 (888) 417-2466

Introduction and Overview

We are an affordable, structured Boarding Academy serving young men who possess strong leadership skills, though they’ve taken some wrong turns in their lives.

Academy Message

Atlantis Leadership Academy stands ready to help your son reconnect with his true self.


ALA will help him tap into his strength of leadership and self-worth, moving forward in life with a confidence based in strong values and new life skills that will see him prepared for a healthy, balanced, and successful future.

I recall looking in the mirror, staring into my eyes for the first time in, in a very long time. I peered into my soul and said to myself, “Thank God it is finally over.” I had no clue where I was, who I was with, what I would be doing, how long I would be there … though I did know for a fact, my Mom loved me and would have done her homework and landed me softly into a place in life that I would be taken care of, have a chance to stop the chaos in my life, and from there it would be up to me to flourish or fail. This seemed like a pretty fair proposition.

Atlantis Leadership Academy is the ideal environment for a young man to detach from a chaotic, fast paced, destructive path to a calm, sincere and refreshing new start.

Student Profile

Of course each young man, who enrolls at Atlantis Leadership Academy, comes from their own unique family, life story, set of challenges, and so on. Though as diverse as our student body is...

(888) 417-2466

Academy Values

Our Academy is dynamic and special in so many ways. We understand that many people may view your son as just being rebellious, stubborn or simply locked in a power struggle with you. And yes, at the moment that may appear to be the case. In contrast, we view their current situation as...

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