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Welcome to Atlantis Leadership Academy – where young men with untapped leadership potential find their path to greatness. Our distinguished Boarding Academy is tailored to empower young minds who might have strayed off-course but possess undeniable leadership qualities. We've mastered the art of crafting a holistic campus culture that revolves around Accountability, Personal Well-being, Diligence, Service, and above all, Leadership.

For our mentees, Leadership isn't just a trait; it's a guiding light. We excel at deconstructing life's complexities into manageable pieces, helping them focus on mastering one ingredient t a . Through this process, they learn the power of introspection, the essence of integrity, the art of compassion, the virtue of patience, and so much more.

As the journey unfolds, this leadership prowess emerges as a bedrock for personal growth. At Atlantis Leadership Academy, we specialize in rejuvenating young lives, reuniting fractured families, and igniting the spark of transformation.

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Our Story

In moments of desperation, when you're seeking the ultimate lifeline for your son's future, consider Atlantis Leadership Academy. We firmly believe that a carefully chosen Boarding School can rewrite a teen's life story. Embracing change requires courage – both for the family and the student. Our meticulous Admissions Process guides you through this evolution, matching your son's passions with an Academy that resonates with his true self. Here, he'll face tailored daily challenges and be nurtured by mentors who've walked in his shoes – an exquisite metamorphosis awaits.

Let's be clear: Atlantis Leadership Academy isn't punitive; it's liberating. It's a chance for rebirth, a canvas for transformation. Sustainable change sprouts from within, not without. True to this philosophy, Randall Cook, Director of Atlantis Leadership Academy, shares his unique journey: "I'm not just an administrator; I'm a graduate of a Boarding Academy. I've slept under the same roof, faced the same challenges – day in, day out. Your son gains a mentor who comprehends his struggles, someone equipped to navigate his path. Through personal experience, I've grasped the significance of parental support and mentorship – the essence of kindling the dormant potential within."


We are an affordable, structured Boarding Academy serving young men who possess strong leadership skills, though they’ve taken some wrong turns in their lives. Our campus culture is focused around a daily balanced atmosphere of Accountability, Personal Health, Hard Work, Service to Others and above all, Leadership.

For the young men we mentor, we believe Leadership is the all-encompassing component. We help a young man break down the various issues or challenges in their life and help them focus on one ingredient at a time. They learn how to slow down their lives and truly listen. They learn the value of integrity, about forgiveness and compassion for others, patience and so on.

Eventually, that Leadership characteristic emerges to the surface and becomes a foundation of strength for them to build upon. We help these young men restart their lives and in turn, reconnect and become whole and healthy with their families once again.


If you happen to be in “last resort mode” and feel your best chance for your son is to enroll him into a Boarding Academy, I invite you to please give the following some consideration.

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