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Unlocking the Potential of Young Leaders

Our strong belief is that a Boarding School, when chosen properly, is a one-time opportunity to positively change a teen’s trajectory in life. When a family can be open, step out of their comfort zone through this process (Admissions Process) and match up their son with an Academy that best resembles their son’s true interests, one that provides unique daily challenges and where he will be surrounded by mentors who have been in their shoes, it is a beautiful process.


A Boarding Academy is not intended, nor should ever be viewed or used as a punishment. Quite simply, it's a bold opportunity for a fresh start. As with any of us, true change comes from the heart which is located on the inside, not the out. You cannot change from the outside in, only the inside out.


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FOREST TRAIL ACADEMY is a global, online, private school that is focused on the best education available. We are one of the pioneers of online schooling in the United States with thousands of student graduates since 2007.

We've made it our mission to provide holistic, innovative, and world-class education for children from all walks of life–making our school synonymous with academic excellence.

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The personal principals of Accountability and Integrity are not only addressed throughout a young man’s entire stay at ALA, they will very much be their first impression of our Campus culture. This is truly where we begin the foundation of our work with a young man. Guiding each young man to embrace personal ownership vs. blame, is a great path forward for us to create a bond between our Academy and a new student, and thus on with the rest of his world.



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