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Decline of Trust in Media

Do you feel as though what you receive from the media is a narrative or genuine, honest reporting?

It is no surprise that as a direct result of lazy reporting, half truths and craving for sensationalism above dignity and the public common good, most media houses have continued losing massive amounts of trust among their consumers.

Recently, our Academy has come under horrific, pre-determined narrative attacks by the following media houses and people(s):

NBC News and Access Hollywood - Rated by average consumer on Trust Pilot as 1.3 out of 5

The Sunday Times (London) – Rated by average consumers on Trust Pilot a 1.4 out of 5

Paris Hilton, et al - The Revision of Paris Hilton’s Story Is Missing Something: Her History With the N-Word / This Is Paris is the latest attempt to revise the legend of Paris Hilton.

There are other media houses/websites that have run stories though they are repackaged and resold AI generated articles.


Again, where is the value of trust with the consumer?

Today’s media houses talent and focus (often) is getting people enraged, create a mob mentality and be sure to get you to subscribe, either digitally, in print, or both if they are so fortunate.

We now expect the terrifying click bait headlines, massive amount of pop ups upon arrival, rows and rows of advertisements, mailing list invitations, all while selling carefully crafted tragedy at any expense.

The intent is to weave themselves so deeply into your essence that you will vote with your wallet and provide your endorsement of negativity vs independent intellectual curiosity.

As the links above provide, people are growing very weary of media and the predictable artificial formula that continues to be pushed on everyone.

If you have never had the “pleasure” to be on the receiving end of a journalists self-imposed deadline, with a pre written narrative of their own, riddled with untruths and darkness…and they are simply asking you for a single quote, then you may find it fascinating and disgusting at the same time to have a peak behind the curtain.

Please note that we will be publishing our communications with the various media houses for your frame of reference.

Be your own judge regarding the level of dialogue and open mindedness that these media houses possess or intentionally choose to ignore.

If this seems of value to you, feel welcome to email us and request an email copy at our time of issuance.

If this does not, we do not fault you in any way for being uninterested.

Robert Downey Jr. summed Wall Street (of the 90’s) as perfectly poetic as one would expect, he is a legend.

We have included a link to what would best describe our experience of our modern media houses as of late:



In a Perfect World of Social Dialogue vs. Media Narrative


The field of Parent funded Boarding Schools for their out-of-control son or daughter gets painted with 1 large brush, all are considered as bad, taboo and mysterious.

Granted, it is a private process for families.

So, by default, not exactly promoted to the public by the families, nor is it to be worn as a badge of honor in most cases.

There is a massive misconception that Parents are simply dashing their teen away for the fun of it, for a break, or some other simplistic reason.

In most cases Parents have exhausted all options prior to placing their teen in an expensive (unforeseen) Boarding School, apart from the nuclear family, and with people and in a place that is unfamiliar to the family.

To check any of these items off the list, let alone (often) all of them, the dynamics within the home must have gotten very extreme.

Parents are in a place of devastation. They know the true inner spirit of their teen, though they are operating in direct danger of potentially life altering decisions.

There is virtually no compassion for a Parent that is experiencing this situational trauma in their home and lives.

These are your neighbors, coworkers, church friends, and just as easily could be you.

They are normal people that are doing the best that they can as an individual human and as a Parent.

There is an often misplaced shame on Parents that have stepped up and taken responsibility for their own kids:

"They must be a rich Family"
"Where are/were the Parents?"
"The Parents just don't care"
"Obviously a result of bad Parenting"
"Some people just shouldn't have kids"

They are not burdening their community through Government support, allowing their kids to run unfiltered throughout society, or have their kid peer pressuring your kid and dragging them down along with them.

They are stepping up and emotionally and financially volunteering to take responsibility for their son or daughter’s destructive path.

The same above quotes are quickly stated of the Parents that may have not taken initiative or are in the process of taking steps to redirect their teen.


When you read a headline of a teen getting in trouble locally, what are the comments?

Pretty much the same…

"Where are/were the Parents?"
"The Parents just don't care"
"Obviously a result of bad Parenting"
"Some people just shouldn't have kids"

“The Parents should be held accountable, they should pay for XYZ”

This is the state of our society.

We cannot have it both ways.

A few examples of where we are headed as a society and sadly most of us know it, but we hope that it will be someone else’s problem to address and when they do address it, we are the first to blame them.

CDC - ...the suicide rate among young people ages 10‒24 increased 62% from 2007 through 2021

The Fordham Institute - “Because equity” is not a good reason to lower standards

Pew Research - Teens, Social Media and Technology

Forage - over half (55%) of Gen Z'ers report having either been diagnosed or receiving treatment for a mental health condition

National Library of Medicine (NLM) - 6.7% increase in youth with any mental health ED visits (95% CI, 4.7%-8.8%). Among adolescent females, there was a larger increase (22.1%; 95% CI, 19.2%-24.9%). The fraction of ED visits that resulted in a psychiatric admission increased by 8.4% (95% CI, 5.5%-11.2%).

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