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Atlantis Leadership Academy Reviews

Enrolling your Son in a Specialty Boarding School is a big leap of faith and trust.


You know a major course change is required for your Son. Though if you are like most parents this is your first, and hopefully last experience you and your family will have with a Specialty Boarding School. It is important to have an idea of what other parents just like you have shared as a testimonial regarding Atlantis Leadership Academy.


You are also invited to speak to our parents as well. 



“You guys just made our night. This is in just a month imagine what he can accomplish in 4-5 months”

“I had faith in ALA the second we spoke to you and u guided me through the tough decision and I will continue to believe in the process. Today marks a month so I’m thrilled at his progress!!”

New Families

“He looks amazing!  Happy, energized, positive and full of life. Love love love seeing my kiddo like that!”

“Great video conversation with my son!  He looks so happy, healthy and confident!  So much positive change!  So happy for him.”


“Thank you so much for his recent letter... reading that made me burst into tears and I'm still crying. I miss him so much and I'm so happy to hear him talk about future plans with the boys and changing his life. Thank you!!!

“Thank you for the love and respect you are giving to us and our son and for the important work you do.”


“So thankful for all that everyone has done to help our son on his path to be an independent, strong, young man. So grateful!”

“My heart is happy!  It’s awesome

That he is so happy on his Birthday with his Jamaica family!  He has grown so much as a person!”

“My favorite part is that he has a truly genuine smile again. Nice to see knowing how he has struggled emotionally at home.”


“ We both feel this program is a blessing and we are 100% behind working with you all on whatever steps are needed to make the changes in our sons life”

“What great feedback, thank you so much! I love hearing all the details of how you work with the boys. I’m so glad to hear that Our son is doing so well and that he is being evaluated that way by his peers and staff. Thanks again for all the great feedback I really really appreciate it!!”

Family and ALA 

“If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.”                                  - Maya Angelou

“Thank You once again. I am overcome with joy for our son and the change happening in his life. God is faithful in everything and even though I am not deserving of His faithfulness I'm so grateful He is and Hes taking care of my boy. Love you and appreciate you both and the job you do.”

Faithful Families

“Hello all,  just wanted to shoot a quick hello. Hope all is well with you.  Again I want to thank you and the staff at ALA for the work you did with our son and for my whole family. I found it hard to understand how I can reach kids and adults through sports and business but struggled with my own kids. Buddha once said that 1000 candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle won’t be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. Thanks for being our candle.”

Past Parent

“Words cannot Express adequately the gratitude that our family has for you all at Atlantis Leadership Academy. Thank you once again for your daily sacrifice for others and for investing your time into our sons life. Your efforts do not go unseen. May God continue to bless you!”

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