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Academic Recovery Xtreme

Academics at Atlantis Leadership Academy are paramount.

Sure, we see young men that are having struggles and somehow continue to be on the Deans List, stay active with AP Classes, never skip a day of School, and so on...though this is more the exception than the rule as they say. 

More often than not we are enrolling Students that have had a pretty good run in their Academics though as family, personal, and social life is falling apart it reflects in their School Attendance, Grades, reputation with their Teachers, School Counselors and Peers. 

As this snow ball continues to build it is crushing to a young mans self esteem, self image and begins to create conflict and tension (at best) within the home. 

From experience, once a young man is enrolled at Atlantis Leadership Academy and integrates into our daily structure, professional guidance, personal and group activities...and simply gets to a point of living a peak healthy and productive life, is thriving and has a positive outlook on himself and his environment, this is when it is key to start hitting School intensely. 

A young mans GPA is not our only focal point it is also witnessing a young man taking control of his destiny for many it is the first time in a couple of years. It is a reflection of growing self worth and confidence, setting and accomplishing specific SMART Goals, patiently and respectfully integrating with authority (Teachers/Staff), retention on a wide spectrum, eliminating the belief system of:

"I am not smart enough"

"I am not meant for Academic success" 

"My siblings are much smarter than I am"

"I am not the College/University type"

"My Teachers all hate me"

"I am just more of the class clown kind of kid"

"I am well to far behind to ever catch up, it is pointless"

These are just a few examples of the personal barriers that can make a young man pivot and change the destiny of their life. 

When we view Academic achievement as important as family health, we are now on track. As many of our parents would grind into us growing up, "School is your Job." This is very real and true. Your Son is not at a time of his life that the most important thing is maintaining and excelling at his job at your local grocery store of gas station, it is with us recovering and excelling dramatically in his Academics. 

In that process he finds himself, and you breathe a massive sigh of relief over and over as his assignments coming rolling in and the grades start being massively repaired and you finally realize you were right, you do have a very smart and healthy driven young man that you have been gifted with. 


As an Atlantis Leadership Academy Parent you will be able to keep up to date in real time as each and every assignment your Son completes is graded and chalked up as a win, each and every day. 

Our most average Students normally completes an accredited credit 3:1 if they had actually been at home attending School properly and applying themselves. 

For Students that are more Academically aggressive it can be 5:1. 

This is a very impressive opportunity for young men to have the opportunity with a proper structured environment, healthy day to day living, laser focus to not only catch up, but greatly excel in their Academic Career...as they say.

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Atlantis Leadership has proudly partnered with and Academics powered by Forrest Trails Academy, one of the largest online Academic Institutions for accredited High Schools. They have accomplished the unique distinction of earning multiple domestic (US) and International Accreditation's. 

The following is an insight into their role on the Academic Recovery focus. If you are interested, please learn more about Forrest Trails Academy and what we can do to best provide the optimum Academic goals for your Son. 


Academic Recovery


Online Individual And Credit Recovery Courses

There are several reasons why students may fail a class resulting in them falling behind. Falling short of the required number of credits due to excessive absence, inability to keep pace with the rest of the class, problems at home and learning disabilities are only a few of the reasons that prevent students from graduating. However, with Credit Recovery courses, students can now make good on their credit score by enrolling for extra classes.

We also offer online high school individual courses to the students who want to enrich their current academic programs. Our part-time individual online courses are ideal for those students who are looking for advanced or foreign language courses that are not available at their school. Homeschooling students can also enroll with our online courses to supplement their home school curriculum.

Credit Recovery programs are designed to include different strategies that can be customized to suit each student’s individual needs. Since no two students have the same capabilities, they are focused on tailoring course material to maximize learning and improve retention. The most familiar form of delivering Credit Recovery programs is via summer school programs. Traditionally, students could take Credit Recovery courses during regular school hours, after school, during vacation breaks or during the summer.

But with online schools offering Credit Recovery programs, students now have many more options to make good on their credit score. Online platforms that help students work with a variety of learning styles, creativity, and communication skills.

Why Students Need Credit Recovery Programs

Given today’s level of competition in the job market combined with increasing globalization, a high school diploma is no longer sufficient. However, it is the first step toward building a strong, secure foundation for our children. Graduating high school is imperative for those seeking to go on to college or even apply for a decent, well-paying job.

Students need to understand the importance of having a high school diploma. As teachers and parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that they understand just how important a high school diploma can be. Not only will such programs prepare our children but they will also go a long way in reducing high school dropout rates – an alarming phenomenon that can have catastrophic, cascading effects.

Students need to approach online learning with a whole new mindset. Online courses are much more than a way to recover credits. They offer you a whole new platform with new learning methodologies. These modern methods optimize learning processes and maximize retention, thereby helping students improve their overall learning process.

Benefits Of Enrolling For Credit Recovery Programs

There are several benefits associated with online Credit Recovery programs –

  • High degree of flexibility

  • Tailored course content

  • Improved retention

  • Easier synchronization of time schedules

  • Overcome geographical limitations – greater access to teaching faculty

  • Speed up the process of delivering results and feedback

  • Optimization of timelines and focus of curriculum

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