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Location and Campus

Atlantis Leadership Academy is the ideal environment for a young man to detach from a chaotic, fast paced, destructive path to a calm, sincere and refreshing new start.

Drone footage of our local community.

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We strongly believe that for the right young man, Atlantis Leadership Academy is the ideal location for starting a new journey in their life. For a young man entering into a 'typical Boarding School', their first phase more often than not shows up as resistance, lack of accountability and anger. That is not typical for our students. From moment one, when a young man arrives and deplanes at Sangster Airport they immediately recognize they have not been enrolled in a typical bland and boring Boarding School. They know in their heart their parents must have stepped out of their own comfort zone and chosen an Academy for them that was an awesome match and obviously holds all kinds of new and exciting opportunities and experiences for them. Now we are working with a new student who is open, curious, and willing to listen. This is a serious contrast from the norm. It is a challenge for most anyone to be angry (at their parents and life) when you are flying in over a crystal blue Sea, welcomed by very sweet and sincere people, immediately gaze around to palm trees and hibiscus, absorbing the warm touch of the Caribbean sun and soaking in the fresh Caribbean air.


The beautiful Country of Jamaica is known for its welcoming and warm hospitality, and obviously that is a direct reflection of its people and its culture. We have some of the best examples and mentors in the Boarding School field for our young men. Our Staff are patient, sincere, caring, attentive, compassionate, family centered and have a unique devotion for our young men. They are committed to seeing the boys thrive, be happy and not carry the weight of the world on their shoulders with them. They strive to help the boys find, or in some cases newly develop their true and genuine self. They guide the boys to operate at a pace of calm self-discipline, leadership, become good communicators, fostering a healthy relationship with their families, and setting healthy goals for themselves.


Along with our beautiful Island surroundings and incredible Staff, we blend in our local community as an equally important part of our successful ingredients. ALA sits in a sleepy historic, generational fishing village. Everyone knows everyone and the boys, along with everyone else, are always expected to wave and greet anyone and everyone they pass on the street, while walking to the Beach, or Church, anywhere they're at. We are situated in Treasure Beach which is a community of around 3,200 people spread out over four different bays. So, our particular bay gives us a unique advantage of really getting to know your neighbors and their families. You see the same people each day, so the students do realize from the beginning that reputation matters, relationships matter and how you treat people does make an impact, albeit either positive or negative.



Imagine your son finally detaching from social media, gaming consoles, Internet, TV, smart phones and so on, for starters. Removing the high paced distractions and avoidance that are available as a crutch to your son 24/7. From there, complimented by our environment, community and Staff your son will learn to slow down, welcome life a moment at a time and develop patience. Many arrive struggling with diagnosis or symptoms of ADD and/or ADHD. ALA is an ideal setting to have a chance to slow down and re-calibrate how they operate throughout their day.


Atlantis Leadership Academy installs a strong belief of community involvement and service. ALA is constantly on the search seeking out where the boys can be of assistance. This shows up as participating at the local Elementary Schools reading and mentoring with the students, painting classrooms, cleaning up, etc. Volunteering during larger events at the Church, helping with organizing chairs, cleaning up and so on. Also doing more laborious projects, some examples would be filling pot holes in the roads, cutting back brush along the roads and fences, beach clean-up, minor construction jobs, etc.


Personal health and fitness are key at ALA. Aside from morning work outs on/off campus, constant walks and a healthy diet, the students consistently make use of the local Sports Park. Breds Sports Park sits a few minutes walk from the Campus and the 16-acre facility provides great Basketball Courts, soccer fields, cricket fields, a gym, a walking path and a variety of other resources. In addition, Breds Sports Park also hosts a number of different International events throughout the year, Basketball clinics, Yoga clinics, Sports competitions, etc.


Atlantis Leadership Academy is perched on a hill overlooking our local community, as well as the Caribbean Sea. There are a variety of plants, flower beds and local trees (some fruit bearing) scattered, throughout the property. The boys are responsible for maintaining the premises and in the process are able to learn about the local vegetation and horticulture dynamics. And when it comes to the boys using yard equipment, such as lawn mowers and weed whackers, it is not uncommon that it is their first time using such tools. It is a great learning experience for them and they very much enjoy it.

If you have a son or a family member that is struggling and could benefit from stepping away from his current environment and essentially hitting the reset button, we invite you to reach out to us and learn more.

General Colin Powell dedicating new features of our local Sports Park

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