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Introduction And Overview

Welcome to Atlantis Leadership Academy


We are an affordable, structured Boarding Academy serving young men who possess strong leadership skills, though they’ve taken some wrong turns in their lives.


Our campus culture is focused around a daily balanced atmosphere of Accountability, Personal Health, Hard Work, Service to Others and above all, Leadership.

For the young men we mentor, we believe Leadership is the all-encompassing component. We help a young man break down the various issues or challenges in their life and help them focus on one ingredient at a time.


They learn how to slow down their lives and truly listen. They learn the value of integrity, about forgiveness and compassion for others, patience and so on.


Eventually, that Leadership characteristic emerges to the surface and becomes a foundation of strength for them to build upon. We help these young men restart their lives and in turn, reconnect and become whole and healthy with their families once again.


Risk anything! Care no more for the opinion of others …

Do the hardest thing on earth for you.

Act for yourself. Face the truth.


                                                ~ Katherine Mansfield

If you happen to be in “last resort mode” and feel your best chance for you son is to enroll him into a Boarding Academy, I invite you to please give the following some consideration.


Our strong belief is that a Boarding School, when chosen properly, is a one-time opportunity to positively change a teen’s trajectory in life.

When a family can be open, step out of their comfort zone through this process (Admissions Process) and match up their son with an Academy that best resembles their son’s true interests, one that provides unique daily challenges and where he will be surrounded by mentors who have been in their shoes, it is a beautiful process.

A Boarding Academy is not intended, nor should ever be viewed or used as a punishment. Quite simply, it's a bold opportunity for a fresh start. As with any of us, true change comes from the heart which is located on the inside, not the out. You cannot change from the outside in, only the inside out.

"Being a Boarding Academy Graduate myself," states Randall Cook, Atlantis Leadership Academy Director, "I am the only one in this field operating an Academy who has actually gone to bed in an Academy, and then woken up in that very same place night after night, day after day. Given that, your Son is then connected with someone who truly understands what he is experiencing and feeling, and has the realistic ability to know how to guide your Son through some of the delicate and tricky challenges that arise, as a student. I am the only one who can mentor your son from a place of actual experience of knowing, recognizing and appreciating the value of having my parent do for me, what I couldn’t do for myself.

Lucky for me, my mom choose wisely. Somehow, by a miracle she put aside distance, time and money. She was willing to sacrifice her needs over her son’s future. That’s what Mama Bears do!

Had she not, I would have been kicked out, runaway, or frankly just been miserable every single day and in turn, not learned a thing, except how to chisel one mark at a time on ‘the wall’, tracking how long I had been there, and how soon until I’d leave. No one wants that for their son, especially not you. And believe it or not, neither does your son, not in his true heart and true spirit. That good seed you placed within him, is, and always will be there. It just needs to be kindled correctly to re-ignite again.

Atlantis Leadership Academy stands ready to help your son reconnect with his true self. ALA will help him tap into his strength of leadership and self-worth, moving forward in life with a confidence based in strong values and new life skills that will see him prepared for a healthy, balanced, and successful future."

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